About Andrew Pegler

Andrew Pegler

Andrew Pegler – APM’s Principal Editor/Writer and Project Manager

Award winning plain English editor, writer and trainer Andrew Pegler believes that sometimes words are just not enough … especially clumsy, badly written ones.

Andrew was editor of Asian Business Review 1996-2000 and Monash University Business Review 2008-2011. He has been a contributor to The Age, Financial Review, Rolling Stone and The Australian on finance, economics, music and film. Andrew is also the author of two satirical books. He has presented for three straight years at the Victorian Law Week. Discover more on Andrew’s talk entitled Plain English is a bankable asset. In 2018 Andrew was a judge for the NZ Plain English Awards and did the same at Australia’s inaugural Clear Communications Awards in 2019. Andrew presented at the Mumbrella Finance Marketing Summit on the new language of banking. He was also a presenter at Clarity, the leading global conference on plain English in the law. His essay in the prestigious Clarity Journal, the international journal promoting plain legal language was entitled Beyond all reasonable doubt: the brand advantages of plain English contracts. Read it here. Listen to Andrew’s interview on ABC radio about his plain English work with legal contracts.

Andrew Pegler Media is also a preferred supplier of plain English editorial services and training to the Australian Federal Government and the Victorian Government.

Andrew agrees with Albert Einstein that “everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.”