Annual report designing

Country Fire Authority (CFA)

The brief
This is the second annual report APM has produced for CFA. It required
a theme that was reminiscent of the previous year but, nonetheless, had
a character of its own. The design needed to reflect the continuing development of CFA over the previous 12 months, and highlight the organisation’s other roles in community safety and wellbeing, apart from firefighting.

Building upon the success of last year’s annual report, APM’s design
for CFA’s 2017–2018 report delivered a clean, modern and engaging
aesthetic. Striking graphics, images, colours and type were used to
capture the attention of the audience, and convey CFA’s key messages and data in an easyto- understand way. The icons created by APM, which were used throughout the report, provided a visual representation of CFA’s roles
and responsibilities in the community. Greater use of the CFA colour
palette was also used to define each section.

Writing and editing
APM used a mix of interviews with staff, case studies and primary
source documentation to create engaging and informative copy.
The aim was to reinforce CFA’s growth as an open, multicultural
and tolerant organisation that represented the 3.3 million
Victorians, in over a million homes and properties across the state,
that it protects.

Global Experience 

The brief
Global experience (Ge) commissioned APM for the concept, design and layout of its annual report. As a provider of homestay accommodation for
overseas students, Ge wanted the report to reflect its high standard
of care for the welfare of students and hosts.

APM’s design solution focused on strong imagery and a clean layout
to produce a visually appealing and engaging report. Ge’s colour palette, type style and logo was a consistent theme across sections, and we used graphics to present data in a more accessible and informative way.

Writing and editing
Supplied copy required substantial editing and proofing. APM was
also tasked with organising supplementary information into a series of appendices to enable a seamless flow of information in the narrative of the report.

Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP) Victoria

The brief
CCYP wanted an annual report that was factual rather than emotive, and that represented their role in delivering positive outcomes for vulnerable children and young people.

Our design used the Commission’s template and colour palette to
deliver a report that was visually engaging and informative.
We carefully chose images to reflect positive statements about the Commission’s work, and used graphs and tables to convey statistics in a more accessible way.

Writing and editing
APM was required to copy edit and proof supplied text, and to create copy using a mix of interviews and primary source material. This included assisting with writing introductory sections from the Principal Commissioner and the Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People.

New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC)

The brief
NSWALC needed a facelift for its 40th Anniversary annual report but
wasn’t quite ready for a complete overhaul. They also wanted a
consistent editorial style throughout the report, a more logical structure,
and to eliminate repetition in the copy and content.

APM’s redesign took a more spacious approach to the layout to enhance visual appeal and readability. Using the Aboriginal flag colour palette we also standardised graphs, charts and typography throughout the report.

Writing and editing
APM set about reorganising the structure of the report and the information in each section to achieve a more sequential flow in the content. Both structural and copy editing were required on supplied copy, which came from many different sources. This included rationalisation of repetitive information to form an introduction or overview for various sections, and ensuring a consistent voice throughout.  We also created copy from primary
sources and interviews, including the introductory sections from the Chair and the CEO.

The brief:

VicRoads approached APM to overhaul and refine its draft annual report. The existing information had been collected from individuals across departments so it often overlapped, varied in detail and style and was a difficult read. VicRoads wanted a cohesive, plain English document that told a story and reflected the key focus areas of their corporate plan. It needed to be signed off for printing in less than ten days!

This job involved making sense of large amounts of material and presenting it in an interesting way. We also had to ensure that state reporting requirements were met and that the document was consistent with VicRoads’ style. We wrote an engaging summary; then case studies and data were finessed to reflect the messages VicRoads wanted to highlight. Other information was consolidated, simplified and edited. Due to the tight timeframe, where there were gaps, we often did our own research using VicRoads’ website and other Victorian government reports. This helped make the document more strategic and kept the process moving.

 “Thanks so much … APM was a pleasure to work with and tremendous in reworking the content and taking on feedback from stakeholders to produce a clear and concise narrative around our key initiatives. “

—Sally McInnes, A/M Registration and Licensing Communications and Stakeholder Engagement, R&L Practice Standards and Solutions, VicRoad

The brief
The Quality and Regulation Division (QARD) of the Department of Education and Training (DET, Victoria) wanted to present a report that clearly stated its regulatory role and its ways of working. QARD also wanted to ensure the report was accessible and informative to its audience of early childhood educators.

We created a whole new look for QARD with strong use of typography and graphic elements to define its role in early childhood education. Images were carefully chosen to support the copy, align with QARD goals and the overall outcomes of the report. This was combined with subtle use of DET corporate colours and the brand Victoria logo to ensure visual appeal for readers, and to enhance the content.

Writing and editing
APM wrote and designed its first annual report for QARD in 2015–16. Copy was written and edited using a variety of sources that included primary information and stakeholder interviews. This meant giving the copy a consistent voice, eliminating repetition, and creating informative and engaging stories of teachers and QARD staff. All this without any errors and consistent with QARD’s stylesheet!