Business Writing Services

Our guarantee

  • concise, plain English business writing
  • ‘bank speak’ eliminated
  • flawless spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • facts and figures never changed
  • highly effective business writing.

Is your business writing easy to read? Does it persuade and engage your readers? Is it delivering results? Is it on-brand? Does it hit its target audience? Ours does, and our 15 years of experience crafting financial information into plain English business copywriting runs the gamut from blue chips to SMEs, and from state to federal government.

Time and again, our plain English professional business writing and editing has convinced and informed employees, customers, stakeholders and investors.

We can help with:

  • annual reports
  • business report writing
  • newsletters
  • lead generation articles/LinkedIn posts
  • business writers
  • tenders
  • corporate histories
  • staff bios
  • company profiles
  • and much more …

What is plain English business writing?

Plain English business writing means someone has a good chance of understanding your message on the first reading, and in the way that you want them to. Effective business writing is clear, direct writing that uses as few words as you need, and avoids ambiguity, verbage and complex sentences. It does not, however, mean always using simple words at the expense of the most accurate or writing like a pre-schooler.

Poor business writers and business copywriting can be costly and potentially disastrous. If your audience doesn’t understand your business professional writing due to bad grammar, unclear wording or inappropriate style and tone you can lose business as well as credibility. So whether you’re working in a government department, as a government proposal writer, writing an annual report, writing a corporate website or blog, business report writing or any other business collateral, our professional business writing will help you establish your objectives, your audience and your tone and style for the best possible business copy solution.

Importantly, your final business writing product will:

  • be in plain English
  • feature short, concise sentences
  • be on-brand and on-message
  • speak directly to your audience
  • be engaging, professional and friendly
  • reflect business professional writing
  • intelligently combine authority, emotion and reason.

Some recent examples of our work

Annual report for Global Experience

Global Experience feels like home

Global Experience annual report

The brief
Global experience (Ge) commissioned APM for the concept, design and layout of its annual report. As a provider of homestay accommodation for overseas students, Ge wanted the report to reflect its high standard of care for the welfare of students and hosts.

APM’s design solution focused on strong imagery and a clean layout to produce a visually appealing and engaging report. Ge’s colour palette, type style and logo was a consistent theme across sections, and we used graphics to present data in a more accessible and informative way.

Writing and editing
Supplied copy required substantial editing and proofing. APM was also tasked with organising supplementary information into a series of appendices to enable a seamless flow of information in the narrative of the report.

We really appreciate all the work you’ve done in producing our report in such a short time frame. We’re very pleased with the outcome!

Employee value proposition for TransDev

employee value proposition

Transdev Melbourne, a transport company with a fleet of over 500 buses, had never had a consistent voice or style in how it approached recruitment. It needed an employee value proposition outlining its great offer for the right people who’ll bring a diverse range of backgrounds and unique experiences to the company. In writing TransDev’s EVP we clearly laid out:

  • TransDev’s essence
  • the unique benefits its employees get in return for their skills, capabilities and experience
  • the tone of voice recruiters should use
  • best practice examples of job ads
  • and more.

APM’s final EVP has proven successful in retaining TransDev’s top performers and attracting the best talent.

Copy sample:

We know that finding and retaining great people isn’t easy. Our industry never stays still. Technology never sleeps. And most of tomorrow’s jobs don’t even exist yet. Within this dynamic environment, we need to stand out from the noise and clutter of our competitors. We need a great offer for the right people who’ll bring a diverse range of backgrounds and unique experiences.

To achieve this, we’ve created an Employee Value Proposition (EVP), that helps us better understand who we are as a company and why so many people, just like you, join us and choose to stay on board.