The Art Of Plain English Editing

The art of plain English editing

  • Concise, plain English sentences
  • Flawless spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Facts and figures never changed
  • Catering for all business, professional and technical documents

Appearances can be deceptive. Simple and effective messages rarely spring into being, fully formed. Instead, they result from thorough and professional editing.

Whether you need a touch-up or major surgery involving a complete rethink of a document, we skilfully edit for plain English. And of course, we always preserve your original meaning and intent, and never change facts or figures.

Whether you need an online editor or offline, editing copy is what we do. So call now for plain English editing, Australia wide, on 0390 105 500 or 0412 442 907.


Our clients include:

australian government victoria state
nab telstra
lonely planet sensis