The art of proofreading

Whether you’ve just completed a multi-million dollar tender, prepared your annual report, finalised a new government policy or revamped a newsletter, we will eliminate all surface errors like misspellings, grammar, punctuation, verb tense and sentence structure. We can also apply your house style guide or create one for you. With such attention to detail you will always be represented in the best possible light.

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Electricity data from renewable sources for 2010 was collated and evaluated to determine that our renewable energy generators produced 2645GWh or 5% of electricity consumption.

Renewable energy generators produced 2645GWh or 5% of our electricity consumption in 2010.

This is a no stopping sign. This sign means that you cannot stop in the area. If this side of the road is marked with a continuous yellow line, it also means you cannot stop here.

This sign means that you can’t stop here. The same applies if there’s a continuous yellow line on the road.

A comprehensive literature review was undertaken to look at health effects associated with these and whether sufficient evidence exists to prove a causal relationship. The review looked at published studies associated with them, including hazardous waste sites (not including incinerators or other types of waste processing plants).

Health concerns about these have prompted a comprehensive review of scientific literature on the subject. The review looked at associated published studies, including hazardous sites. However, it did not include incinerators or other types of waste processing plants.

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